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    An overview of some of the key obligations  employers need to be aware of when handling a TUPE transfer.


    What grievances are, how they should be raised and how an employer should deal with them.


    A straightforward summary of when retirement is possible and some tips on how to manage an older workforce.


    How to identify a redundancy situation and a checklist for getting consultation right.

    Discipline at Work 

    The disciplinary process explained in clear, simple terms. Useful information to have when addressing matters of misconduct.

    Working Time

    Working Time is defined as, time during which the employees is working at the company’s disposal and carrying out activity or duties for the benefit of the company.

    Performance Management

    Performance is a vital tool for improving efficiency and the quality of performamce of staff.

    Flexible Working

    Flexible working is a way of working that suits an employee’s needs. It can also reduce staff turnover and improve motiviation.

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