HR Services in Dewsbury

HR Services in Dewsbury. The Howarths HR Team has a perfect blend of theory and real life experience to ensure our clients receive a service which will add value to the bottom line. With CIPD qualifications and many years of combined management experience, our team will offer a proactive, hands-on service to ensure you are getting the most out of your primary asset: your people Howarths offer a wide range of HR Services for your Business in Dewsbury:


Recruitment & Selection

Our team of HR professionals have the skills and expertise in all areas of recruitment and selection from checking the validity of CV’s to developing a rigorous recruitment and selection policy, designing and conducting interviews to developing robust selection tools, ensuring you recruit the right person for the role and for your company.

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Staff Engagement & Team Building

Happy, engaged employees tend to deliver higher performance levels in terms of productivity, customer service and creativity whilst at the same time having more commitment and loyalty towards their role, management and the company, as opposed to disengaged employees. Therefore, in order to drive business performance and improve productivity and profitability, companies should ensure their workforce is engaged and individuals are fulfilled.

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Performance Management

In order to improve the success of your organisation it is important to have a performance management strategy in place. Employees need to understand where they fit within your organisation and what is expected of them and how their performance contributes to the company’s objectives.

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Pay & Reward

Our team of HR professionals can assist you in many ways relating to pay and reward such as:
- Pay and reward surveys
- Reward schemes
- Pay reviews
- Benchmarking Pay
- Equal Pay and pay gaps

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HR Training

Upskilling your management team is not an optional extra. To take your business to the next level, it is critical that those responsible for managing people are trained for the task. Without this, the manager in question struggles with their team which in turn hits the bottom line.

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Investigations & Onsite Support

Sometimes having a qualified and professional advisor who is impartial and from outside your business can assist in getting the right outcome for your business. In addition, it leaves you safe in the knowledge that the process is fair, legal and your business is protected.

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Myhrtoolkit provides a range of collaboration and communication tools for a truly holistic approach to HR management.

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Howarths Hub

The purpose is to bring professional people together to learn, support and share ideas in a relaxed format.

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Myhrtoolkit provides a range of collaboration and communication tools for a truly holistic approach to HR management. Call a member of our team today to set up your free demo, and experience for yourself the time and energy saved across your business.


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