HR Support in Barnsley

The Howarths HR Team has a perfect blend of theory and real life experience to ensure our clients receive a service which will add value to the bottom line. With CIPD qualifications and many years of combined management experience, our team will offer a proactive, hands-on service to ensure you are getting the most out of your primary asset: your people.

Our HR Team covers the following:

Recruitment & Selection

Effective recruitment and selection is essential to the success of any organisation and has a direct impact on the bottom line. Realising the true potential of your business is dependent upon recruiting the right people, with the right skills, expertise and qualifications for the role, enabling them to deliver organisational objectives and contributing positively to the performance, development and profitability of the business.



Staff Engagement & Team Building

Happy, engaged employees tend to deliver higher performance levels in terms of productivity, customer service and creativity whilst at the same time having more commitment and loyalty towards their role, management and the company, as opposed to disengaged employees. Therefore, in order to drive business performance and improve productivity and profitability, companies should ensure their workforce is engaged and individuals are fulfilled. 



Performance Management

In order to improve the success of your organisation it is important to have a performance management strategy in place. Employees need to understand where they fit within your organisation and what is expected of them and how their performance contributes to the company’s objectives.



Pay & Reward

Employee pay and reward are important factors to the success of an organisation in terms of attracting, retaining, engaging and motivating employees to become high performers. When implementing pay and reward strategies employers must consider what their employees want together with the needs and performance of the business. Pay and reward is far more advanced than just ‘money’; employers should consider the range of options available, together with the pros and cons of each. 



HR Training

Upskilling your management team is not an optional extra. To take your business to the next level, it is critical that those responsible for managing people are trained for the task. Without this, the manager in question struggles with their team which in turn hits the bottom line.



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