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    The Howarths HR Team has a perfect blend of theory and real life experience to ensure our clients receive a service which will add value to the bottom line. With CIPD qualifications and many years of combined management experience, our team will offer a proactive, hands-on service to ensure you are getting the most out of your primary asset: your people.


    Effective recruitment and selection is essential to the success of any organisation and has a direct impact on the bottom line. Realising the true potential of your business is dependent upon recruiting the right people, with the right skills, expertise and qualifications for the role, enabling them to deliver organisational objectives and contributing positively to the performance, development and profitability of the business.

    It is crucial that employers follow a fair and effective recruitment and selection process based only on a candidate’s ability to perform the role and their potential for development within the organisation. Employers should be fully aware of equal opportunities legislation and understand how discrimination can occur both directly and indirectly in the recruitment process. In order to remove any bias from the process it is advised that a structured and in-depth recruitment procedure is implemented and those responsible for recruitment and selection should have the relevant training and experience.

    Finding the right candidate can be costly, however, finding the wrong candidate even more so, as unforeseen training may be required, the candidate may leave or you may decide to terminate their employment, thus putting you right back where you started, having incurred unnecessary costs and time. At Howarths we are with you every step of the way, from creating bespoke recruitment and selection procedures, to physically conducting the recruitment and selection function on your behalf or in conjunction with a member of your team. 

    Our team of HR professionals have the skills and expertise in all areas of recruitment and selection from checking the validity of CV’s to developing a rigorous recruitment and selection policy, designing and conducting interviews to developing robust selection tools, ensuring you recruit the right person for the role and for your company.


    Happy, engaged employees tend to deliver higher performance levels in terms of productivity, customer service and creativity whilst at the same time having more commitment and loyalty towards their role, management and the company, as opposed to disengaged employees. Therefore, in order to drive business performance and improve productivity and profitability, companies should ensure their workforce is engaged and individuals are fulfilled. 

    Our team of HR professionals will work with you to develop employee and culture surveys and report on current engagement levels within your organisation.

    We will assist you with having those difficult discussions with employees and investigate poor engagement levels. Once we have identified the working culture and behaviour within your organisation type (from your employee’s point of view) we can then suggest and implement an employee engagement strategy to drive down staff turnover and absence levels, and in turn improve productivity, performance and brand reputation. 

    Disengaged employees not only affect productivity levels but they are also less likely to defend the company’s brand and reputation. Similarly, if an employee is not on board with the aims and objectives of the organisation they can have a negative impact on colleagues through ineffective teamwork, and their lack of commitment to perform well. 

    Howarths can also organise team-building training sessions for your workforce for both new and existing employees to improve team performance and collaboration between individuals. 


    In order to improve the success of your organisation it is important to have a performance management strategy in place. Employees need to understand where they fit within your organisation and what is expected of them and how their performance contributes to the company’s objectives.

    An effective performance management system should be strategically aligned with the long-term objectives of the organisation and should be embedded throughout the business to measure, review and develop an employee’s contribution to business objectives.

    Without an effective performance management process in place the company may not be realising the true potential of their employees and may in fact lose employees to your competitors as they feel undervalued and/or are unable to see career progression within their role. On the reverse, employees may be preventing the company making more profit as they aren’t performing their role to the standards that are required for the company to achieve its objectives. Again, if employees feel undervalued and are not motivated they will be less inclined to ‘go over and above’ for the company. Performance management processes come in many forms and it is about identifying the correct approach for your organisation and culture.

    Howarths can review your existing performance management system and advise on the different performance management tools available such as appraisals, 360 degree feedback etc. We can develop and implement a system that works for your business and is aligned with your organisational objectives. Where poor performing employees are identified, we can assist with the development of a performance improvement plan.

    Our team can also provide management training on the importance of performance management, how to conduct effective and efficient appraisal, and the importance of the psychological contract and the success of the company.


    Your people are your profit but do you pay and reward your people properly and effectively?

    Employee pay and reward are important factors to the success of an organisation in terms of attracting, retaining, engaging and motivating employees to become high performers. When implementing pay and reward strategies employers must consider what their employees want together with the needs and performance of the business. Pay and reward is far more advanced than just ‘money’; employers should consider the range of options available, together with the pros and cons of each. 

    Our team of HR professionals can assist you in many ways relating to pay and reward such as:

    • Pay and reward surveys
    • Reward schemes
    • Pay reviews
    • Benchmarking Pay
    • Equal Pay and pay gaps

    Call the Howarths HR Team today for advice which will drive value and profitability in your business.


    Upskilling your management team is not an optional extra. To take your business to the next level, it is critical that those responsible for managing people are trained for the task. Without this, the manager in question struggles with their team which in turn hits the bottom line.

    Our team of HR specialists can provide training on a range of different HR and people topics including performance management, how to conduct an effective appraisal, handling difficult conversations, recruitment strategies and much more.

    All of our training and workshops are presented by specialists in their field who enjoy what they do. As a result, we consistently receive positive feedback from our courses which will add value to your business.

    Our sessions can be presented at our office or at your premises, and can be to a small or large group depending on your needs. Contact our Marketing Co-ordinator, Justine, for further information on our HR training courses.


    Carrying out a full investigation is a key part of a proper Employment Law process. The ACAS Code of Practice states that those who carry out investigations should be trained for the task. This can be a daunting proposition for managers with no formal training or experience. The Howarths HR Team have years of experience in carrying out investigations into a range of different HR and Employment Law matters including grievances, disciplinaries and discrimination issues to name just a few. Our team can attend your premises and run the process on your behalf from start to finish including taking witness statements, sitting in on meetings and providing reports. This gives our clients ultimate peace of mind that the process is done right and they are protected.

    In addition to investigation work, the team can provide a full range of onsite support including attendance at a disciplinary hearing, sitting in on a grievance meeting, assistance with a redundancy process, or support with communication about an upcoming TUPE transfer. 

    Finally, we know that disputes in the workplace can be timely, costly and can have a big impact on your business. If left unchecked, they can lead to often more costly routes of disciplinary and grievance. The Howarths HR team is made up of HR professionals who have years of experience and are specifically trained to offer support in facilitating conversations to reach agreement between disgruntled employees.

    Sometimes having a qualified and professional advisor who is impartial and from outside your business can assist in getting the right outcome for your business. In addition, it leaves you safe in the knowledge that the process is fair, legal and your business is protected.      


    Myhrtoolkit: truly transformative HR software at the heart of your business.

    Howarths is proud to announce our partnership with Myhrtookit to offer clients a simple, but powerful and intuitive HR toolkit to help you capture, store and manage your HR interactions, helping you maximise your employees’ potential.

    With myhrtoolkit you can access HR information at your fingertips from as little as £1 per employee, per month, with no lengthy contract.

    Working with myhrtoolkit at the centre of your business will improve efficiencies in the following key areas:

    • HOLIDAYS – Online requests and approval, no more spreadsheet calculations
    • ABSENCE – Track and report on all incidents of sickness and any other type of absence
    • DOCUMENTS – Issue documents to employees. Get alerts when they are read and / or expire
    • REPORTS – Make better decisions with filterable and exportable reports
    • STAFF DATABASE – All employee information in one central place with a full audit trail
    • SELF SERVICE – Reduce admin time by empowering staff to interact with your organisation
    • APPRAISALS – Record, track and set reminders for performance appraisals
    • TRAINING – Create your own course directory and manage training across the organisation
    • HEALTH & SAFETY – Accident book, document distribution, welfare tags and custom health and safety forms

    Myhrtoolkit provides a range of collaboration and communication tools for a truly holistic approach to HR management.

    Call a member of our team today to set up your free demo, and experience for yourself the time and energy saved across your business.


    The purpose is to bring professional people together to learn, support and share ideas in a relaxed format.

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    • Build a network of people who are facing exactly the same challenges as you are.
    • Learn from an employment law expert, but just as importantly, from each other.
    • Discuss and exchange ideas on areas of HR and employment law.
    • Keep up to date with your continuous professional development.

    In addition, members will receive a welcome pack, Howarths ‘Guide to people Management’ containing valuable guidance and tips in many areas of employment law, and discounts from Howarths’ ILM accredited training.

    The event is held at our head office in Cleckheaton and the fee for annual membership is £349 plus VAT. The meetings run every eight weeks so there will be 6 per year; that’s just under £60 per session.

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    Myhrtoolkit provides a range of collaboration and communication tools for a truly holistic approach to HR management. Call a member of our team today to set up your free demo, and experience for yourself the time and energy saved across your business.


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