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    Mental Health & Well-being

    For many employers, mental health can be a difficult topic to tackle. At work, it’s not always easy to handle conversations about mental health, whether a colleague is suffering from a diagnosed mental health condition or simply feeling a bit low.

    It is incredibly important that businesses know what their obligations are and that managers have the tools to deal with any instances that may occur. Further, an employer who looks after the well-being of its team, have a more engaged workforce resulting in a more successful company.

    This course will cover:

    – What well-being and mental health are and why they matter

    – How to spot the signs of poor mental health

    – How to start a conversation around mental health 

    – Understand your legal obligations and risks

    – How to look after your own mental health

    Presented by:

    Kirsty Vickerman, award-winning Mental Health Practitioner with over 20 years’ experience providing mental health services to over 2000 clients ranging from sole traders through to blue-chip brands with vast workforces.

    Gavin Howarth, Managing Director and Employment Law Advisor at Howarths. Not only does Gavin run a business himself, but he also advises many employers on a range of employment law matters including the legal risks and requirements around mental health.

    Date Wednesday 13th November 2019

    Location Howarths HQ, Brooke Street, Cleckheaton, Bradford, BD19 3RR

    Cost £150 plus VAT per delegate

    Duration Half Day (9-12pm)

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