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    The Howarths HR and Employment Teams will run very small, bespoke sessions for up to four people on any area of HR and Employment Law. These are perfect for delegates who prefer to learn in a smaller environment with more chance for discussion and interaction. They are also perfect for businesses with a relatively small management team who want to upskill in specific areas.

    Our team have coached on anything from sickness absence management, to redundancy, how to conduct appraisals, recruitment practices, the disciplinary hearing, gender pay gap reporting and much more.

    Each session will typically last up to three hours, either from 9am-12pm, or 1pm-4pm and the coaching can take place on site or at Howarths HQ site.

    All the presenters are fully qualified advisors and essentially you are paying for their time, so delegates can use the session for their benefit, asking questions in any areas which they are unsure on. This format has proved hugely successful with SME businesses who are looking to upskill their management team to drive their business forward.

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