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Academic Results

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Academic Results

This time of year can prove difficult for employers whose workforce consists of employees who are eagerly awaiting news about a University or other higher educational place. Although there is a growing trend for students to undertake courses at educational institutions nearer to their home addresses a larger number of individuals do move away from home and consequently, from their workplace.
The publication of academic results can therefore bring disruption to workplaces with resignations, requests for flexible working and, on the converse, job applications being submitted. The best way to deal with such matters is to ensure that adequate preparation has taken place in order to manage the exit of existing staff and the recruitment of new staff. Employees can be an employer’s greatest asset and having in place the right recruitment and selection process can be important to ensuring a company’s continued success.
If, either at this time of year or otherwise, you feel that you may be greeted with an influx of applications then you should ensure that you have a clear recruitment policy in place which provides for the most efficient means of accepting and processing job applications. Putting measures in place which will make it easier to filter through job applications and not put strain on the business’ time can often make the remainder of recruitment and selection process easier to go through. Where an employer has a streamlined selection process this will typically means that only suitable candidates are progressed through to the final selection and interview stages.
If you feel that the converse may be the case and that you may be faced with a significant number of resignations then sufficient attention should be given to the management of such. As well as putting appropriate measures in place for employees to work out notice periods and to effectuate handovers of work, you may want to consider holding exit interviews with any staff leaving in order to obtain feedback on your business. Large scale resignations can also lead to a required focus on the attraction of new employees. Although employers should not advertise employee roles until notice of termination has been received and accepted, due care and attention should be given to how a role is advertised to ensure that the correct caliber of candidates are attracted.  As well as ensuring that the content of an advert is appropriate, the location of such can also be important. Consideration should be had to whether it is best to list an advert online, through an agency or in a local newspaper, for example, depending on the type of applicant you are seeking.
If you would like to discuss your current recruitment and selection policies and procedures and how they can be used to their maximum advantage, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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