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Health and Wellbeing at Work

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Health and Wellbeing at Work

As winter is fast approaching, coughs, colds and flu begin to enter our workplaces. Could introducing a Health and Wellbeing programme be a positive way to engage with your employees and to help minimise short term sickness absences?
There is much evidence to suggest that an employee who has a good sense of wellbeing will also have good attendance. Happiness is contagious and has the effect on making those around us happier and hopefully healthy as a result. Studies have found that staff engagement is at the forefront of employees minds and therefore at the very heart of their happiness in the workplace. So could a Health and Wellbeing Programme work for you?
Effective programmes are all down to the initial planning. Considerations should be given to who in the senior team will lead on staff engagement in this area and how the programme will run. The programme does not need to cost the business much money but could have huge cost saving implications, if employees feel that their wellbeing is being invested in. You can consider minor changes like providing fresh fruit for your employees once a month to promote a healthy lifestyle and a noticeboard dedicated to Health and Wellbeing, where each month there is a new challenge to promote a healthier lifestyle. The programme should also include support for those in the workplace with existing medical conditions to ensure they have a voice and feel their health is being considered. This can increase awareness of issues and in turn, educate employees in equality and diversity.
You can measure staff feedback and make changes to the programme where necessary to make this work for them. If employees feel engaged they are more likely to support and promote the programme with others. This can be a powerful tool in recruiting and retaining employees for the future as well as getting the most out of your existing employees.
Remember; ‘An apple a day will keep the doctor away’!

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