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Christmas Parties

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Christmas Parties

Some workplace social events can be great, it can be a time where staff get together and have a lovely night. Although, on the other hand, sometimes events with colleagues can be terrible, especially when staff get too “merry” for the occasion. Therefore as you may have your end of year do coming up in December, or even early January, it is usually best practice to make clear your expectations of the night in advance. In light of this please find below some points for you to consider, when sending out your event reminders to staff.
It is usually best to define what unacceptable behaviour at staff events is, in addition to expressing any consequences of such. This usually includes bringing staff up to speed on their dance floor performance and what level of humour is acceptable. Explaining  to staff how their humour may affect others, despite them thinking ‘it’s only banter’, is always advisable, especially how others may react if they are alcohol fuelled. It is advisable to be clear about your expectations for the night, to avoid any unwanted behaviour.
There isn’t anything worse than being the most inappropriately dressed, at a work-related event, as it can haunt you for the rest of your working days. So whilst staff may not like the idea of having a ‘dress code’ for the night it will usually avoid any inappropriate opinions being worn on the night. In addition, some outfits may make others feel uncomfortable so by setting your appearance standards  it will also make staff clear on the formality level too.
As we know internet usage is massive today (especially social media) and as a result information, pictures, video’s etc. can be uploaded and everywhere on the web within a matter of seconds. Therefore it is important to remind staff of your internet and social media policy concerning the company, as after all they may forget they are attending a work event.
Consumption of alcohol during work parties is usually the cause of many shenanigans. Thus addressing with staff how you expect them to behave in terms of their responsibly towards their alcohol intake on the night, certainly wouldn’t be a pointless exercise. Alcohol may assist employees to relax around their colleagues, and to have a good night, but it may get them too relaxed and turn out ruining the night instead. Confident drunk staff usually cause the worst behaviour, and so reminding them to drink in moderation may just give them the direction they require.
In light of this points, it’s always beneficial to reflect on your last workplace event, what went well and what didn’t, as this will inspire you regarding the message you are wanting to get across too.

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