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A big thank you for supporting our #MusicExtravaganza

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A big thank you for supporting our #MusicExtravaganza

Howarths would like to sincerely thank you for your unbelievable support of the Howarths Music Extravaganza earlier this month and we hope that you had a lively and enjoyable time.

We have spoken with all our wonderful artists who really enjoyed performing for you and they have asked us to thank you on their behalf for your backing and participation on the dance floor and at the Casino tables. We are still counting the cash but it looks as though we may have exceeded last year’s figure and as soon as we have the exact amount to hand we will let you know.  

At Howarths we take our Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously and throughout the year we support many local good causes and it is for this reason that we are in the final stages of launching The Howarth Foundation intended to support those less fortunate and homeless individuals to take the ‘Next Step’ back into employment. Should you be interested in becoming involved in this endeavour either as a sponsor or perhaps offer some kind of practical support in offering work experience for example then we would love to talk to you.

We, as a family and business owners consider ourselves to be blessed in many ways and feel that we owe it to those who, for whatever reason, haven’t quite had as many breaks as others, to give something back; that’s The Howarths Way.

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