How suitable is your appraisal?

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Conducting appraisals can be confusing. The different systems and stages involved can, on the face of it, seem like an over complicated method to review staffs performance. All the questions, form completing, processing, etc. However if you look at how your appraisal system is designed, and the company’s future, this should reveal that the system isn’t so complicated after all. It is for a purpose. To develop staff and business, together. Although, ensuring your appraisal system is suitable is another thing.
The first point in checking your appraisal systems suitability is usually by reviewing the process in place, to establish how right this is for both business and employee development. Alongside how easy it is for managers to conduct. If your system isn’t directing staff in the right way, and/or is problematic for managers to operate, it most likely to not be appropriate. In turn, not supplying the benefits a good appraisal system carries. Good employee engagement, high levels of staff motivation and management consistency, to name a few.
There are no strict instructions for how to design your appraisal system, for example times scales, locations, etc. it should be in accordance with your business and employee needs. It’s common to hear how the promised annual appraisal hasn’t been held, or that no appraisal system is even in place. Although having a good overall appraisal system in place should avoid these issues, and further employee issues, from occurring.
Commonly used appraisal systems include: performance appraisals, 360 degree performance appraisal and a ratings scale system. Each one having different mechanisms to get the wheels of your employee performance reviews going. However your chosen system should be the one most suitable for you, which isn’t always the most popular.
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