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What’s in a name?

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I think it would be fair to say that we have all at some point in our lives gotten someone’s name wrong, haven’t we? We have all experienced that cringe worthy moment when the name just escapes you, it’s on the tip of your tongue and then quick as a flash its gone, but does it really matter? Surely as long as what you say to that person, as long as how you present yourself to them is satisfactory, then that is all that matters?
Well actually it can matter quite a lot, with significant ramifications if you get it wrong when engaging with the Employment Tribunal! Mr Giny learnt this lesson the hard way when he incorrectly named the director Mr Ahmed personally as being his former employer on the Early ACAS Conciliation Form, when he should have actually named the company as his employer, SNA Transport limited, and not the individual director. His solicitors tried to argue that it had only been a minor error, but this argument was rejected and so his claim was not allowed to proceed.
The morale of the story for employers therefore, is to ensure that when completing documentation, you get it all right, every single detail needs to be spot on with no room for even a supposed minor error!
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By Andrea Staley, Employment Law Advisor

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