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The Howarth Foundation appears on BBC Look North!

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You may have seen the Chair of our Trustees, Gavin Howarth, hit your screens recently talking to presenters Harry Gration and Amy Garcia of BBC Look North about the growing rate of homelessness in the Yorkshire region.
Gavin discussed a recent study carried out by Shelter highlighting that the number of people recorded as homeless in Yorkshire and the Humber has reached 4,800[1]. That is almost 1 in every 1000th person within the region.
Our charity, The Howarth Foundation, exists for the prevention or relief of poverty in respect of individuals who are, or who have been, homeless in the districts of Leeds and kirklees, by actively sourcing employers willing to offer employment and by providing those individuals with support and guidance to successfully obtain such employment.
One of our initiatives, ‘Business Building Futures – Street to Feet’ is just one of the ways that businesses can support the homeless or recently re-housed back into full or part-time employment or training by becoming a member of the scheme.  We are looking for businesses that care and want to work with us, the local authorities and organisations giving someone a real chance of what we tend to take for granted i.e. a home and a job, whilst at the same time enhancing your Corporate Social Responsibility by offering genuine employment opportunities and support to individuals who are desperate to work.
Should you agree to join this scheme and are able to offer employment you may need to spend more time with your new employee in areas of induction and support and not every employment relationship will be a success story, but The Howarth Foundation will be there to support both you and your new employee every step along the journey.
To find out more about The Howarth Foundation, you can visit the website at or give us a call on 01274 864 999 and speak to our Business Development Manager, Natalie Wells-Jagger.
[1] Report entitled ‘Far from alone: Homelessness in Britain in 2017’

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