Body odour in the workplace! – Handling difficult conversations

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With the temperatures rising everybody dreads having those “difficult conversations” with employees about personal issues and there is nothing more personal than tackling an employee’s body odour!
It’s one of the most awkward conversations a manager will ever have: telling an employee that her hygiene isn’t up to standard so what do you do….?
Although not a fun issue to deal with it is important to handle it in a professional manner. Bad smells can impact morale on other employees and the person causing it. This can also impact the way your company presents itself to customers; offensive odours are not the way you want clients to remember your business. Dealing with the problem requires both tact and a willingness to approach the person involved in a straightforward manner.
Telling an Employee – you should always approach the matter in private, not in front of other employees. Have a one-on-one discussion, be straightforward, and get to the point quickly. Let the employee know that this issue is not related to job performance. Offer possible solutions. Be sure to follow up with the employee if the problem continues.
One of the first questions many managers ask themselves is ‘is it my responsibility to sort it out?’ If the answer is ‘yes’ there can still be a real reluctance to get caught up in very emotional or difficult personal issues. Getting it wrong can have a negative impact on the company, the employee may go absent, work less effectively or they may raise a grievance with how they have been dealt. Get it right and you can improve morale, levels of performance, attendance and employee engagement.
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