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Howarths tackles mental health head on!

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Mental health can be a difficult topic to tackle. At work, it’s not always easy to open up to colleagues, whether you’re suffering from a diagnosed mental health condition or simply feeling a bit low.
At Howarths, ensuring our team feels able to speak openly about their mental health is something we take very seriously indeed. That’s why, in the lead up to Mental Health Awareness Week (13-19 May), we’ve decided to run a series of mini events to help start a conversation.
An introduction to meditation
Howarths MD, Gavin, is a big believer in the benefits of meditation on mental health. He’ll be delivering a short, guided meditation taster session for the whole team to take part in showing us how practicing mindfulness will teach the brain to focus better and concentrate on the present moment, helping with rational decision making and relieving built-up stress and tension.
A walk in the park
You can’t beat getting outside when it comes to relaxing your mind. So, the team will be setting off for a walk in the park near our office. Strictly no phones allowed, this walk will be all about noticing what’s going on around us and taking some time out of our day to clear our heads from the busy world of Howarths HQ.
Keeping cool under pressure
Our HR advisor, Cath, will be sharing a short session on how to keep cool under pressure, sharing techniques to help the Howarths team overcome the build-up of stress that we all experience as part of our daily lives.
An introduction to therapy
We’ll also be sharing an introduction to therapy and counselling for mental health issues with counsellor and therapist, Esther Dench of able therapy. This will aim to explore what therapy looks like and how it can help us manage or overcome ill mental health.

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