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Client Case Study: PMD Business Finance

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Client: PMD Business Finance
Industry: Professional services
Project: Implementing structured development to support a growing business
Established in 2010 by Peter Dobson, PMD offers a range of business finance products including Hire Purchase, fixed term leasing and asset finance. The company has grown significantly over the last seven years and now lends over £75million each tear to businesses across the UK.
How it all began
Our relationship with the team at PMD started in 2016, when we were asked to support the business with employment law advice and documentation to ensure the company was compliant with the most current employment legislation as the business grew.
In 2017, PMD was expanding quickly and reaching a head count of more than 20 people.
Recognising that PMD’s most important asset is its people – and with a firm belief that investing in employees’ personal and professional development is fundamental to the success of the company – PMD’s board voted to implement a structured and professional approach to people development within the business. They called on Howarths to lead the project.
Getting to grips with employee engagement
Kick-starting the project, we coordinated and conducted an employee engagement survey for PMD. The results helped senior management understand the honest thoughts, aspirations and needs of the PMD team.
We also helped PMD develop an interactive people management structure to help the management team understand each individual in the team and how they could be developed both personally and in order to help deliver PMD’s commercial objectives.
An outsourced People Performance Coach
PMD was impressed with our approach to people development and management, and the project was a great success. Howarths now works with PMD on an ongoing basis, with Tracey Hopkins acting as PMD’s outsourced People Performance Coach.
Tracey spends time at PMD each month to deliver coaching and mentoring to the directors and employees, bringing a skillset that is not accessible anywhere else in the business and fulfilling a vital role that has proved extremely beneficial to the ongoing growth and success of PMD.
In the client’s words…
“As an external HR professional, Tracey is able to see things differently, understand situations more clearly and makes positive changes that lead to a more productive business with a happier, engaged and more fulfilled team.
“Our work with Howarths will ensures each employee understands where they sit within the company structure, how they can contribute to the future development of the company, and how they will help to drive the overall success of PMD.
“I can’t recommend Tracey and the team at Howarths highly enough.”
Peter Dobson, Managing Director of PMD Business Finance

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