Can your staff come to work?

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Can your staff come to work?

Last week (24th March) the Howarths team released a blog article regarding whether staff can attend work or not. This followed several pieces of advice and guidance from the Government which appeared to contradict each other. We expect that the Government will provide more detailed guidance on this matter shortly but in the interim, employers must carefully consider whether having employees at work is justified. Nevertheless and as a minimum, employers should ensure that any employees still attending work can observe the two metres distancing rule.
In the meantime, and until further guidance is issued, the Howarths team have been made aware of reports that employees have been stopped by police whilst commuting to/from their place of work. On that basis, employers could consider providing employees who are considered essential to attend the workplace with appropriate documentation. Such documentation could explain why it is critical that the employee attends work and why this work cannot be done from home. It might also cover an explanation as to how the employer has put measures in place to make sure the two metres distancing rule can be applied and maintained. Unfortunately, due to lack of guidance and advice, we cannot be sure that such a measure will be effective, it is merely posed as a possible suggestion and we have seen employers taking such an approach at their own behest. Further, because of ever changing circumstances and this issue involving the Police, this isn’t documentation that the Howarths team can draft or check on your behalf. As above, any such documentation that you decide to draft will need to be kept under constant review in light of an ever evolving situation.

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