Welcome to Howarths

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Welcome to Howarths!

There are certainly no heirs and graces here at Howarths.
When you arrive, you’ll be greeted with the sight and smell of fresh bunch of flowers, prepared by the team receptionist and office manager Liz, a Huddersfield lass who loves the Queen and when not at work, cares for her Dad. Liz will walk you into our main admin area where you’ll hear either the latest pop tune, or maybe some classic soul, depending on the mood of the team downstairs. As you get past reception, you’re likely to hear my Dad holding court in The Howarth Foundation offices; a larger than life character who loves an audience for his best stories!
As you head further into the office, you’ll be offered a seat in Rooklands, a bright and airy meeting room located downstairs in the old chapel building we call home. Rooklands is named after my Mum and Dad’s house, where the business started 17 years ago, helping to continue our heritage and history. After sorting drinks, cuppa (Yorkshire Tea of course), coffee or even a herbal tea, the biscuits will be offered. Now when it comes to biscuits, I think our selection very much reflects who we are; nothing fancy or posh about our selection, just good old fashion, reliable choices which fill a gap before dinner (or lunch if you’re from outside Yorkshire!). Kit-Kats, Twix, Orange club, chocolate fingers and even the odd pack of party rings. The advisor you’re meeting will most likely tuck in with you, they’re not just there for show! And then it’s down to business.
Once the meeting is done, the advisor will see you back to reception, most likely chatting along the way about passions, interests, family, life – if it’s me, it’ll be Leeds United and our quest for the Premiership, if its Sarah, her love or motorbikes, or if it’s Charlotte, talk of her roots in the Black Country.
As you leave the building and sit in your car, what we hope and strive for is that following your appointment, you felt listened to, understood and ‘lighter’ as a result of sharing your issue.
We’re not for everyone and we’re not designed to be. We are for your everyday SME who forms the backbone of our economy, and who wants to build relationships, not just be a number speaking to a call centre.
If we sound like someone you could work with, give us a shout and we’ll get the kettle on.

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