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Why Howarths?

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Why Howarths?

We’re on a mission to empower as many UK businesses as possible to achieve greater success through their people.
Year on year, many hundreds of businesses are joining #TeamHowarths for HR, Employment Law and Health and Safety support, as they look for personalised, quality support from a business with a conscience.
Below are some of the questions we receive from ‘would be’ clients:

1. What I have feels ‘good enough/fine’ – why would I go through the hassle of changing provider and coming with you?

Two reasons – when was ‘just fine’ ever good enough?!, and changing to Howarths is quick, easy and painless.
The first reason – whether it is our highly qualified and experienced HR Projects team that can add real value to your bottom line, the fact that you’ll be advised by Solicitors when you really need support, have your own dedicated Client Ambassador, or that you’ll be speaking to familiar who knows you and your business, Howarths provides a service that will feel much more than ‘fine’, and ‘good enough’. Keeping you compliant with the law is just the start, we’re here to empower your business to achieve greater success. We’re for businesses who want more.
The second reason – changing provider is painless and easy. Once you’ve given notice to your existing provider, our team will be in contact to make sure there is a smooth transition. Your Client Ambassador will be working hard in the background to make sure you are set up and ready to go before your current contract comes to end, ensuring you are never left without cover. Our advisory teams will take it from there getting to know you and your business straight away, and dealing with any pressing issues you need resolving. Once you’ve changed to Howarths, you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t do it sooner!

2. We’re only a small company – isn’t it all a bit too much for us?

The foundations of your business are critical to success. If like us, you believe people are at the heart of truly successful businesses, then you’ll see the importance of focusing on your people right from the start of your business journey. By doing so, you’ll supercharge your business for future success. Further, whether you have 2 staff or 200, you are still required to follow the law and even if you’re in a small business, you can still end up facing an Employment Tribunal. It is therefore critically important that you have your house in order right from the outset. As a second generation family run business, we implicitly understand the business journey, having grown from the founder’s living room, to where we are today. Our retainer packages are therefore tailored to suit your business whether you are just starting out, or are now established. You are never too small to take your people seriously.

3. We don’t have many staff issues and we’ve got a great team, so why would we pay for it?

Because your next HR/employment law issue is just around the corner! If you’ve been in business long enough, you’ll know that no matter how good a team you have, you will face difficult staff issues. It is a fact of running a successful and growing business. HR issues tend to be cyclical; you may be lucky enough to go through a ‘quiet’ period, only to find all of sudden you have three or four difficult scenarios that arise all at the same time. To face these issues without proper support and guidance, from qualified solicitors who know your business, is without doubt increasing the risk of costly litigation and sucking precious time out of the business.
Also because HR and employment law is about so much more than just the management of employee disputes. To grow your business into the success you know it can be, you need brilliant people around you. A great team only stays a great team with maintenance; development of culture, performance management, incentives, vision and purpose. People grow, just as businesses do, and keeping a great team aligned and together is not easy. Our expert team of legal and HR professionals provide a fully-rounded, holistic view of all aspects of business culture giving you all the tools you need to thrive from a people perspective. There is always more a business can do to get the best out of its people. We’re here to help you do that.

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