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"The course was excellent. The content covered exactly the areas I was keen to help our managers learn more about, and I have received some very positive feedback from the team who found the day very beneficial to their ongoing development."

Industry: Sport

Project: Helping a world-leading sports turf consultancy with management training

STRI Group has masterminded the installation of pitches used for the FIFA World Cup, UEFA European Championships and Olympic Games. Our varied list of clients include The R&A, Wimbledon Championships, Sport England and the RFU.

How it all began

Howarths was contacted by Dr Christian Spring, Research Operations Manager at STRI Group UK. Dr Spring wanted to upskill the company’s managers to help them become more effective in their roles, in line with the growth ambition of this forward-thinking company.

Exploring areas for development

We worked alongside Dr Spring to help guide and understand the areas of focus for the training that would be most beneficial to STRI Group’s managers.

We identified topics including how to get the best out of a team, how to manage different personalities within the STRI team, how the company’s managers could better understand their teams, and what to ‘watch out for’ when managing people.

Developing a bespoke management training course

Following our conversations with Dr Spring, the Howarths team developed a full-day, bespoke training course for 18 of STRI Group’s managers, taking an in-depth look at the areas above.

Starting off by exploring what good management looks like, the course moved on to explore and understand how effective management can be used to avoid issues at work, grievances and tribunals.

Team work also took centre-stage, and the course helped STRI Group’s managers understand more about the mechanics of a team, looking at different personality typed and traits, what makes a cohesive team and the role managers play in keeping a team together and motivated.

Coaching was also on the agenda, and STRI’s managers covered coaching in management, coaching styles and how to have difficult conversations – all concluded with an action plan to help managers keep on track when back at work.

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