Client Q&A: Jayjay Pickles, Service Manager at Aquatrust

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Client Q&A: Jayjay Pickles, Service Manager at Aquatrust

We spoke to Jayjay Pickles, Service Manager at legionella control specialist, Aquatrust, to find out how the business benefits from support from Howarths.

How long have you been working with Howarths?

Jayjay: I was appointed as Service Manager at Aquatrust in April 2019 and as a result quickly became familiar with Howarths. My relationship with the team began with some disciplinary procedure training, which luckily I have only had to use a handful of times! Since then I have found myself consulting with a variety of team members at Howarths, from the Health & Safety to Employment Law teams.

What is the main type of support you receive from Howarths and why do you need it?

Jayjay: Howarths provide us with HR, employment law and health and safety support; health and safety from an external point of view to help review our operating systems and processes, and HR and employment law to support with disciplinary procedures and recruitment.

Do you have a specific example of when Howarths has supported Aquatrust to achieve a positive outcome in relation to a health & safety issue?

Jayjay: At Aquatrust, we aim to develop our Health & Safety protocol, and hopefully this will develop our relationship with Howarths further.

How does working with Howarths give you peace of mind or make you feel confident in your role?

Jayjay: The support and reassurance means I know that every decision I or the company make is the right one. I have 100% confidence in the support and advice that Howarths give.

Are there any specific policies or procedures Howarths has helped you put in place that you may not have had previously?

Jayjay: Howarths have been great supporting us with the current COVID-19 situation and the Job Retention Scheme with furloughing.

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