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Prison sentence and corporate manslaughter penalty for director

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Prison sentence and corporate manslaughter penalty for director

Two men who ran an engineering company in Bury have been sentenced for health and safety offences that resulted in the death of a 16 year old apprentice whilst operating a computerised lathe, unsupervised, and having “been given no meaningful training”.
He was instructed to perform a task which involved him putting his arm inside the machine whilst it was running, which was made possible due to the safety lock on the machine door being disabled.
This resulted in him getting pulled into the machine and sustaining severe injuries to his head and face. He was taken to Hospital but was pronounced dead a short time later.
One Director was sentenced at Manchester Crown Square to 8 months in prison and disqualified from working as a company director for 10 years whilst the other was given a suspended sentence of four months in prison and ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid community work. He was also given a £3,000 fine.
Both men were found guilty of the failure of a director or senior supervisor in their duty to provide appropriate health and safety measures which resulted in the death of the apprentice.
Huntley Mount Engineering Ltd was found guilty of Corporate Manslaughter and failing to ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees and was fined £150,000.
The recruitment firm who placed the apprentice was also found guilty of failing to ensure the health and safety of a person other than an employee and was fined £75,000.

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