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Howarths NEW HRM Software Service

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Howarths NEW HRM Software Service

The rich functionality in HRM will help to reduce paperwork, save time and money and also increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the HR administrator.
The Event Alerts system instantly provides you with key information that is relevant to you on a daily basis.
By analysing absences and providing you with a Bradford Factor score, you can then take action to reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of your organisation.
A fully filterable reports system ensures the information you require is instantly available in a concise and clear format.
HRM is completely scalable – whether your company has 10 employees or several hundred.
HRM can be installed as a single PC installation or as a Server & multiple-client installation.
Full multi-user system at no additional cost for any extra users.
Full Technical Support and help available via email, telephone and remote computer access.
Some of the functions included within the Human Resource Manager:

  • Employee Holidays – Full employee holiday recording with manual or automatic entitlement reduction. Holidays / entitlement can be recorded in hours or days.
  • Holiday request form for the employee to complete and send back to the HRM administrator.
  • Full time in lieu management.
  • Absenteeism – full Absenteeism tracking with history and alerts.
  • Bradford Factor scoring and triggers to alert you of disruption due to employee absenteeism. Triggers alert you when the absenteeism reaches preset levels.
  • Lateness tracking with alerts.
  • Instant employee planner – see who is absent from any department at any time for any reason – holidays, sickness, on a training course or any other type of absence – displayed in a clear and concise graphical report.
  • Employment & Job Position tracking – record Job Position, Department, Employment Type, Locations etc. with full history recording and alerts.
  • DSE (display screen equipment) assessments and tracking with the included assessment form and required action alerts.
  • Immigration Document Tracking – ensure employees have presented the required documentation.
  • Visa / Passport Expiry Dates with alerts.
  • DBS check information and conviction details.
  • Disciplinary Actions – to ensure you follow company disciplinary procedure.
  • Employee Grievances
  • Employee Appraisals – weekly, monthly, yearly or for any other period you require.
  • Job Descriptions.
  • Training – track employee training with full training and qualification history and be alerted when a qualification is due to expire. Full repayment tracking when the employee is required to contribute towards the cost.
  • Training request monitoring.
  • Courses – monitor enrolled courses. See who is on which course and when. Be alerted when the course is due to start or end.
  • Document Management – import employee documents such as certificates, insurance documents, letters or any other type of scanned document – and open them from within that employees document screen.
  • Employee Reminders – set your own reminders and be alerted when the reminder is due.
  • Fully configurable, comprehensive alerts system to inform you of a huge range of events such as qualifications expiring, employee birthdays, employee holidays, visa expiry dates, plus many more.
  • Automatically add the Alerts as Outlook Calendar events so you will be notified of the alerts even when you are not running the HRM software.
  • Reports – comprehensive, filterable reports system with over 70 clear and concise reports included – more being added continually. Reports are also exportable to spreadsheet for further data analysis.
  • Mail Merge – full mail merge facility with many letter templates included. Use the included templates and create and import your own.
  • Salary tracking with full history, global salary amendments.
  • Contract of Employment tracking with alerts. Ensure the employee has signed and returned their contract of employment.
  • Work Patterns – unlimited, fully configurable work patterns.
  • Company Vehicle tracking – track which employee’s have which vehicles and monitor mileage.
  • Employee Benefits with full history and costing.
  • Employee Risk Assessments with alerts when action is required.
  • Company Risk Assessments and Health and Safety Policy monitoring.
  • Fully configurable security levels allow for multiple users and ensure they can only see the employee information you want them to.
  • Import employee details from spreadsheet or Word form. No need to re-input all employee information if you have their details available on spreadsheet.
  • Employee Form – email the employee form to a new employees and have them complete their own details. This form can then be sent to the HR administrator and imported directly into the HRM and the new employee created automatically.
  • Export employee details to spreadsheet, Word Form, HTML or CSV files.

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