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Revamping the Workplace

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Revamping the Workplace

For many employees their time spent is more at the workplace as opposed to their home, thus it is important for staff to feel comfortable at work because it comes as no shock that staff who are happy at work have better results. Therefore it is important to consider if you could make staff feel happier about coming into their place of work in general. Simple decorations, colour of the walls and overall office space can have a big impact on employees attitudes when working, hence ideal if you can positively influence individuals in this respect.
Some small modifications or perhaps even a complete re-vamp can be done to your workplace, without busting a budget. Whilst you will want your mission, vision and values to be transpired through your workplace presentation this doesn’t limit how you can include staffs perspectives too. The culture and values of the company should always be incorporated into appearance however if you can connect employee’s personal interests to the company’s this can create a great environment to work in. To do this it shouldn’t be too demanding as employees are those who allow you to work to achieve your mission, vision and values on a daily basis. For example, does an employee’s love of sport connect to the company’s competitive working way? If so, could you allow staff to have a sports picture on their desk instead of just company leaflets. It’s only the little things to consider regarding workplace appearance as staff must understand how the place of work must remain to appear as a workplace (despite how much time they spend there). With this in mind, encouraging staff to put forward their workplace ideas can allow to staff to feel valued (as you’re asking for their opinion) in addition to gaining beneficial workplace ideas which may have not come to mind.
However if you feel that your working space can’t be revamped with personal touches, for instance because this is where customers are greeted, it’s important to consider if there is any space which you could re-design, for example the kitchen or staff room. People spend a great deal of time at their place of work and so this shouldn’t be an area for it to be uninspiring and/or unsuitable. If staff feel welcomed by their place of work this can boost your employer branding too, which will allow you to reap the benefits it supplies (enhanced engagement, retention, etc.). So whether you’re getting started with a new office or just updating your existing space it’s important to have a blend of both company and staff touches, as after all staff are part of the company.
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