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Howarths FD Tracey Hopkins discusses technology in HR at The Yorkshire Post round-table

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Back in February, our finance director, Tracey Hopkins, was invited as an expert guest to a roundtable event held at The Yorkshire Post offices in Leeds.
Chaired by deputy business editor, Greg Wright, the event saw Tracey discussing the role that technology can and will play in attracting and retaining skilled workers who expect to have a say in how the company where they work is run.
The participants agreed that intelligent use of technology can make companies more attractive to millennials, who are more likely to leave a firm and join a rival if they feel their voice is not being heard.
Tracey spoke about recent studies that indicate millennials demand and require regular feedback, and that technology can also help with the selection process.
She noted:
The workforce coming through were born into technology. They are used to making comments as they feel fit, rather than waiting until you have a meeting and you’ve got the opportunity to discuss that issue.”
“Companies need to become more innovative in attracting key talent. Actually, the individual is interviewing us. Are we right for them?
As part of the debate, panellist Paul Sparkes said that software could also improve a company’s performance by making employees feel more engaged, through the use of surveys. He also stated that technology can help managers by spotting challenges or emerging behavioural trends, and the use of anonymous surveys could reveal some home truths about a business.
Another participant, Steve Sweetlove, spoke about how technology can help businesses to enable employees to express their opinions.
“Millennials will not have their voice suppressed. They will have an opinion. They will vote with their feet if they are not happy because there is no job for life. Productive people are engaged people. An annual appraisal isn’t going to work for somebody whose motivation is different.”
How is your business using technology to futureproof its HR processes? Contact us if you would like to discuss this further with Tracey.

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