Maternity Questions Boom with Royal Baby

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Whilst Kate Middleton’s role will be very different to your employees, the spark of the new royal does provide a good time to review your policies and practices to ensure you tick all the right boxes when dealing with maternity leave. So does your policy need reviewing?
Uncertainties regarding maternity leave usually causes the most disruption. Did you know, an employee’s holiday entitlement continues to accrue as normal whilst on maternity leave and any holiday accrued but untaken, due to being on maternity leave, may be carried forward to the next leave year. Further an employee may request a change to their working hours upon their return to work, in accordance with your flexible working policy.
Also, how much do you know about keeping in contact with employees whilst on maternity leave? Employees on maternity leave will often want to be kept in the loop with business updates and may wish to attend events, to continue feeling part of the team. So be sure to keep in contact, unless they say otherwise. Don’t forget, an employee can work for up to 10 KIT (keep in touch) days during her maternity leave if she wishes to.
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