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The 2018 World Cup

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ACAS have published some guidance on how to manage potentially difficult situations throughout the course of the World Cup, which takes place between 14 June – 15 July 2018.
If you are worried about the effect that the World Cup may have on productivity then you may want to give your employees some guidance on what is expected of them before the World Cup kicks off.
Here are some things to consider:-

    1. Flexibility – although you are not required to do so, you may wish to consider taking a more flexible approach to working during the World Cup. This could include allowing employees to swap shifts, finish early on a match day and make the time up another day, listen to the radio or adjust their break time to allow them to watch a match. If you are able to allow this flexibility without causing a disruption to the business then it is likely to have a great effect on boosting staff morale.

    3. Time off –  make sure that you stick to your business’s policy on annual leave during the World Cup period for example ‘first come first served’. Leave not related to the World Cup should not be seen as less of a priority.

    5. Sickness absence – continue to monitor levels of attendance during the World Cup period. Look out for patterns of absence such as on match days or the following day. Absences should be dealt with in accordance with your policy.

    7. Social media – there may be an increase in employees using social networking sites or sports websites to follow the World Cup. Employees should be reminded that your usual policies in relation to social media and internet use remain in place. If you do wish to allow some flexibility to the policy then you should make it clear to your employees that this is entirely at your discretion.

    9. Drinking – you may want to remind your employees that your usually policies in relation to alcohol remain in place during the World Cup.

If you require any further advice in relation to HR issues surrounding the World Cup or HR issues in general then please contact a member of the Howarths team.

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