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HR in Yorkshire’s businesses: Have your say!

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Here at Howarth’s, we’ve teamed up with the University of Huddersfield to help them deliver an exciting research project.
The project is designed to gather the views of businesses just like yours on the topic of HR, through an online survey which you can take here.
The results of the survey will help to inform best practice for SMEs across our region, and provide insight into how Yorkshire’s businesses can remain attractive to graduates and prevent the so-called “brain drain” of future HR talent to London and the South.
A Europe-wide study
The project is part of a Europe-wide study into the impact of HR management in small to medium-sized businesses, and we’re delighted to have been asked by the university to help them engage businesses like yours across Yorkshire to take part in the survey.
Our MD, Gavin, said:
Gavin Howarth, managing director at Howarths, said:
“SMEs form the back-bone of the UK economy, and provide exciting, varied and well-balanced job opportunities across the market. It is therefore crucial that our next generation of HR leaders are prepared for the reality of what the HR landscape in SMEs can look like.
“We’re encouraging our network of SMEs across Yorkshire to engage with the University of Huddersfield and take the survey to share their views and experiences on HR best practice.
“The findings will help support HR learning both within the university and in businesses across Yorkshire, to ensure our region continues to attract and retain talent to support the local economy.”
SMEs can offer more for new graduates
Julie Davies, HR subject group leader at the University of Huddersfield, told us:
“Despite what many may think, most school leavers and new graduates start their careers working for SMEs, not corporate giants like Facebook, Amazon and Google.
“SMEs often offer a much friendlier environment and more rounded job opportunities than larger firms where jobs may be very specialised. The quality of working life with cleaner air and less stressful commuting is also a major benefit when you compare SMEs in the Yorkshire region with the likes of London and the South.
“An important challenge, therefore, is to develop the employer value proposition of these businesses, in order to attract and retain talent and reverse the ‘brain drain’ of graduates to London and the South.”
Want to have your say? Follow this link to take the survey.

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