Health & Safety

Are you putting your staff at risk at work?

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Hanging baskets should be banned because people bang their head on them. Paperclips are dangerous and therefore should be banned from all offices. You get the idea. There are plenty of Health and Safety myths out there. Whilst health and safety is often ridiculed, there’s no doubt its important and businesses ignore it at their peril. Health and safety and wellness should be a top priority for businesses, as illnesses and injuries, particularly those that are work related, lead to financial burdens. In addition, and even worse, if you don’t get it right, Directors can end up in prison. When was the last time you reviewed your health and safety provision – do you induct employees properly? Do you carry out periodic checks on equipment you use? Are your risk assessments up to date? Without a solid health and safety foundation, with robust checks and balances, you are putting your staff at risk, and if they’re at risk, you’re at risk.
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