Top Tips for Stress Awareness Month

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A stressed-out workforce is no use to anyone, and the impact of stress at work can make for a very unproductive environment and even lead to long-term mental health problems.
This month marks #StressAwarenessMonth, and the team at Howarths have got together to offer up some of our top tips for reducing stress in the workplace.
And with Perbox’s 2018 Stress in the Workplace survey uncovering that 59% of UK adults experience stress at work, you’d probably do well to read on…
What you can do as a company
Prioritise well-being at work
If you’re a senior leader with workplace well-being on your agenda, you’re already much more likely to be taking steps towards reducing stress in your workplace.
Organisations have a responsibility to manage stress and mental health at work, and creating a culture of openness and honesty where employees feel comfortable to speak up when they’re feeling stressed or worried will help keep things calm.
At Howarths, we’re planning a number of mini workshops for staff as part of Mental Health Awareness Week in May, such as a 20 minute walk in the park with all the team to get everyone outdoors.
Could your company try something similar, once a week maybe? The smallest things can make the biggest difference.
Take action
Perbox’s survey found that 21% of people stated long working hours were the most common cause of their work-related stress. Have a think about what your company could do to address points like this.
Could you look at introducing flexible working options? At Howarths, we’re big fans of this as it allows the team to fit in important commitments around their work at times mutually convenient to them and the business.
Staff surveys and focus groups don’t have to be complex and are a great way to help identify what causes stress among your employees, so you can then begin to address these factors. Training your managers or senior team so they can be more aware of the signs and impact of stress at work is also important.
The team at Howarths is experienced in conducting staff surveys and management training. Would either of these benefit your business and help combat stress? If so, get in touch.
What your employees can do
Here are some practical tips that your team could try to help reduce their stress levels:

  • Get to bed: choose two nights per week to go to bed earlier than usual – and stick to them. Don’t underestimate the importance of sleep!
  • Delegate: try delegating one or two small tasks per week to reduce the feeling of having too much on your plate
  • Get outside: taking a ten-minute stroll over lunch can help massively in reducing stress and anxiety levels that build through the day
  • Reflect on positive feedback: create a folder on your computer to store any emails or documents with positive feedback from clients, line managers or colleagues. Spend five minutes reading through them if you feel yourself getting stressed.
  • Move more: set an alarm at regular intervals to get up and away from your desk. Moving away from your screen can have huge benefits and helps keep you focused.

Would you like more support in prioritising well-being at work and understanding your responsibilities as an employer? Contact us to find out how we can help.

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