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Mental health awareness training – could your company benefit?

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Being aware of ill mental health in your workplace is crucial. As an employer, you have legal responsibilities to ensure the well-being of your staff while they’re at work – and being able to effectively and compassionately communicate with somebody presenting signs of ill mental health is paramount.
But every company is different. And that’s where Howarths bespoke mental health awareness training  comes in.
Our tailored courses are created individually depending on how many people you want to train, what your objectives are and the level of knowledge you have surrounding ill mental health.
Some of the topics our bespoke courses can cover include:

  • How to spot the signs of ill mental health in the workplace and in general
  • Understanding differences between key terms such as anxiety, depression and low mood
  • Learning how to develop a more positive working environment
  • How to develop a culture of openness around ill mental health at work
  • Knowing your legal obligations and risks around ill mental health as an employer

61% of employees have experienced mental health issues due to work or where work was a related factor but just 45 % of employees said that their organisation does well in supporting those with mental health issues* – can your company afford to miss this invaluable advice?

*source: YouGov 2018 Mental Health at Work Report
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