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Contract of Employment to become a Day One right

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With effect from 6th April 2020, businesses will have to provide a written statement of employment particulars to all workers from day one. Currently, this right only applied to employees and businesses have up to two months to issue a contract. On this day, the following legislation will come into force:

  • Employment Rights (Employment Particulars and Paid Annual Leave) (Amendment) Regulations 2018
  • Employment Rights (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2019

The latter amends the Employment Rights Act 1996 to extend the right to receive a written statement of employment particulars to all workers and the former requires this to be issued by no later than day one of the employment.
The regulations also expand the minimum required contents of the written statement. Currently, Section 1 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 lists the information that employers are required to include with their written statements. Going forward, any written statement will also need to include:
-The days of the week the employee is required to work
-Whether hours will be variable and if so, how this will be determined
-Any paid leave entitlements
-Details of all remuneration and benefits
-Any probationary period
-Any training entitlement provided by the employer including whether it is mandatory and/or must be paid for by the employee
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