5 ways HR saves your business money…

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1. By reducing the chances of you recruiting the wrong people
Many businesses waste precious resource recruiting the wrong people by not having a properly thought out recruitment process. Those responsible for recruitment should give proper thought to job and person specifications, the interview process and how you shortlist. These are not just fancy words, but are essential steps in stopping you wasting your money on the wrong people.

  1. By getting the best out of your team

If your appraisals are a just box-ticking exercise, there’s hardly any point in doing them. A proper knowledge and implementation of a meaningful performance management process is crucial to success. Imagine the impact on profitability if every employee across your business performed just 10% better…

  1. By providing clarity and transparency

Who reports to who, and who is responsible for what, are basic questions but can often be overlooked in the SME world. Clear lines of reporting accompanied by up to date contracts of employment and relevant job descriptions will bring clarity across the business. You wouldn’t believe the issues and wasted time spent by not having simple structures in place. “I would have done it but I didn’t realise that was my job”, “’So-so’ told me to do something different” – sound familiar?

  1. By keeping your best staff

When was the last time you properly reviewed pay and reward across your team? This isn’t just a job for huge HR teams in the likes of Google and Netflix; it matters to every business, however big or small. Inconsistency in your pay and salary structures breads unrest and distraction, and worse, legal claims. Your team need paying well and fairly for the job. If you don’t, someone else will.

  1. By ensuring staff are happy and engaged

Disengaged staff are not performing at their best, which means the business is not performing at its best. What do your team really think about work? I’m sure you think you could guess, but have you asked the question in a structured way? You might be surprised at the answers. Culture and engagement are critical – you all have to be pulling in the same direction for success.

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