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Case Study: Derbyshire Football Association

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Case Study: Derbyshire Football Association

Derbyshire FA supports the growth, development and structuring of football in Derbyshire, by providing coaching courses to ensure best practice, training referees to ensure safe practice, assisting with funding and facility bids to provide high quality environments.
We asked CEO, Ricky Stevenson, how Howarths has supported the organisation.
Hi Ricky. How long have you been working with Howarths?
Ricky: We’ve been working with Howarths for 12 months. Our relationship with Howarths began when I was initially looking for a HR partner to advise on staff contracts and polices.
What’s the main type of support you receive from Howarths and why does your organisation need it?
Ricky: Initially, Howarths helped us review our staff contracts and handbook. I was new to the organisation at the time and noticed we had some outdated and inconsistent documents. I felt we needed specific HR expertise to guide us, so I spoke to some other County FA’s and was told about Howarths.
Could you give us an example of when Howarths has supported Derbyshire FA to achieve a positive outcome in relation to HR or employment law?
Ricky: Howarths supported us when we went through a workforce restructure. They helped us remove staff effectively and gave us advice and guidance on the steps we needed to take. My team advised this was all done effectively and efficiently. In addition, the organisation now has a new staff handbook and contracts for all staff members, which Howarths supported us to deliver.
How does working with Howarths give you peace of mind or make you feel confident in your role?

Ricky: The team at Howarths has been available whenever I have needed questions answering or situations explaining in detail. This has empowered me to be confident in the steps we have been taking as an organisation.
Are there any specific policies or procedures Howarths has helped you put in place that you previously didn’t have?
Ricky: Working with Howarths, we conducted an overall review of our staff handbook, and following discussion decided it was better to start again, talking through tailored options which now appear in our handbook. The previous handbook was a large document and it would have been too big to be reviewed without support from Howarths.
How do you feel your relationship with Howarths has benefitted your organisation?
Ricky: I feel we have an excellent relationship with the Howarths team. When we make contact, we get a speedy response and access to the correct member of the Howarths team that can help us, and they stay in touch until the case is completed. It’s like we have our own in-house HR team. They have made some tough decisions easier to execute to help develop our organisation.
How would you describe the way Howarths approaches problem solving and working with you?
Ricky: No problem is too big or small, and there is no such thing as a silly question. The team works with you and gives you options you can look at, while making you aware of the pros and cons for each. Then, when you have decided, they support you through to delivering the outcome.
Would you recommend Howarths to other organisations?
Ricky: I have already recommended Howarths to similar organisations I work with. The value they provide to Derbyshire FA and knowing their service is available to us all year round has been more than worth the investment.

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