Important: Job Retention Scheme Update

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Important: Job Retention Scheme Update

In the last hour the government has published a further update to the Job Retention Scheme.
A more detailed update will be sent shortly however, employers must be aware that the government has changed the qualification date for grants under the Job Retention Scheme.
The qualifying date for furlough leave, when the employee has to have been on the employer’s payroll has been changed from 28 February to 19 March 2020.
This is essentially increasing the scope of the Scheme allowing more employees to be captured. This will however mean that those employees whose employment may have been terminated or, where job offers have been delayed, based on the original qualification date, will now be able to request that you rehire them so that they can be furloughed.
For those employees who have already been furloughed, this update does not have any effect.

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