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Safety Slogans in the Workplace

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Safety Slogans in the Workplace

There’s so much going on in the workplace that it can be hard to keep safety in constant focus. Safety slogans provide powerful messages and reminders that are short and easy to remember.
A good safety slogan works when the message is catchy and seen or heard repeatedly, which makes it stick in every worker’s mind.
Understanding the purpose of your intended safety slogan is helpful when determining which will be most effective. Here are a few effective slogans that can help make your safety messages unforgettable.

“Success in Safety”

It can sometimes seem like success, productivity, and efficiency are at odds with safe work practices. It’s critical to remind workers that work done unsafely is never work that is done successfully.
Productivity and quality follow from safety – they don’t come at the expense of it.

“Dare to Care”

Safety affects every employee, but it’s a collective project. Everyone in the workplace needs to be involved, not only the supervisors and safety officers.
But when workers observe unsafe work practices or conditions, they might not always feel confident about intervening, especially if they fear reprisals or other negative consequences.
By reminding workers that they should “Dare to Care,” employers let them know that reporting and raising concerns is not only acceptable – it’s encouraged.

“Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow”

People who work with heavy equipment and power tools sometimes get used to the noise. But that doesn’t mean they become immune to it.
The result of both short- and long-term exposure to high noise levels can be serious, but they’re often only detected years after working around noise hazards.
Giving workers and quick reminder that their hearing and well-being are on the line makes it more likely that they will wear hearing protection.

“Tell Me – I Forget. Show Me – I Remember. Involve Me – I’m Committed”

We should never forget the power of coaching and mentorship. Most of us don’t respond all that well to being told what to do, but we’re very receptive to emulating others and learning by example.
This slogan reminds supervisors and co-workers alike that taking the time to demonstrate something – including safe work practices – makes it far more engaging than simply giving a set of instructions.

“Accidents Hurt – Safety Doesn’t”

Control measures including PPE and protective clothing, might seem inconvenient at times. But that small downside is nothing compared to the hurt and suffering (both physical and emotional) that comes with serious injuries or occupational illnesses.
Accidents, moreover, don’t just hurt injured workers. They also have a lasting impact on their families and colleagues.
When you take a good, hard look at the downsides, there’s no comparing the two: safety is always the least painful option.

“Stay Alert – Don’t Get Hurt”

Distraction and hazards are a dangerous combination. It just takes one careless or inattentive action to put someone in harm’s way.
By staying vigilant, workers can make sure they’re not caught off-guard by existing or newly introduced hazards.

“If You See Something, Say Something. If You Say Something, Do Something”

Bringing safety concerns to supervisors and employers can be uncomfortable and awkward. But it’s imperative that these issues are addressed immediately.
Spreading the word is important. But we all know that actions speak louder than words. There should be appropriate and adequate follow up on every issue that is brought forward.
This slogan reminds workers and supervisors alike that they can’t make a difference by keeping their concerns to themselves.

“Avoid a Scene and Keep Your Workplace Clean”

Housekeeping is one of the leading causes of workplace incidents.
All work areas should be kept reasonably neat and clear. When clutter, debris, and spills are the norm, so are slips and trips.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Slogans

Workers constantly have to make split-second decisions. By promoting a few key safety slogans, employers and safety professionals can equip their employees to make the right choice even when they have to act quickly.

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