Resilience – Looking after the Leaders

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Resilience – Looking after the Leaders

In a recent article we’ve focused on resilience, what it is and small steps you can take to build resilience ( We know that building resilience takes time and practice, but this is particularly important for the leaders of our businesses.

Why the importance?

Resilient leaders adapt confidently to adverse situations, are able to manage their stress levels AND retain their motivation.  When you consider that SME businesses are often reliant on one or two key individuals, the importance of developing resilience cannot be overstated.  Here are some questions to ask yourself……

Am I managing my energy?

The secret to productivity is not time-management, but energy management.  Build recovery periods into your day – time for quiet reflection, time for exercise, time with the special people in your life.

Am I developing the skills to keep myself functioning?

It is not selfish to have respect for your needs.  For example, identify stressors and trigger points and develop strategies to enable you to cope.

Can I separate what is in and what is outside my control?

It is easy to feel overwhelmed.  When this happens, a big step on the way is to accept that some things are outside of your control.  As a leader this allows you to focus on the things you can control.

Do I need to work on my self-belief?

Leaders are not exempt from doubting their abilities and capabilities.  Take time to reflect on the achievements and progress you have made and give yourself the credit.

Am I nurturing the important relationships in my life?

If you realise that you have let things slip, do something about it straight-away.  Sending a text message telling a loved one how much they mean to you only takes a moment.

Have I got a routine established to enable me to switch off at bedtime?

If you struggle to switch off, try to build-in time to wind-down; switch off social media feeds, avoid caffeine if it affects you.

Author: Cath Crane MCIPD, Senior HR Projects Advisor
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