Quick-fire Tips to Help Your Team Thrive at Work

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Quick-fire Tips to Help Your Team Thrive at Work

As we all continue to adapt to the new ways of working shaped by the pandemic, how can you continue to help your teams thrive and grow? When your team is happy and engaged in their work, they are more likely to deliver and add value to your business.  Research suggests that stress and management style are the two key triggers that are the most common causes of stress which could be holding your teams back.
Here are some quick-fire tips to help your teams thrive at work:

Get to know them better:
  • Have regular 1-2-1s and check-ins
  • Ensure you have a structured onboarding process to get to know new employees
  • Understand what motivates each team member and what matters to them. Remember, everyone is different!
  • Make sure you are available for them.
Consider your own management style:
  • Are you fair, open and honest? Are you approachable?
  • How do you handle sensitive or difficult conversations? Would you benefit from further support to help you with these conversations?
Lead by example:
  • Ensure you take regular breaks, including your own annual leave entitlement to re-charge
  • Avoid working excessive hours so you don’t burn out
  • Promote healthy working habits to your team – creating time for exercise or other social activities and encouraging your teams to do the same can help reduce stress.
Provide support for wellbeing while remote working:
  • Make sure you stay in regular contact with your teams while working from home to provide any support they might need
  • Make time in your diary to check-in on their wellbeing and ensure you commit to it
  • Make time for social conversations
  • Set clear expectations and boundaries – and trust your team to deliver.
Author: Katie Fletcher, Senior HR Projects Advisor at Howarths
If this is an area that you would like further detail on or if you or your managers want support with helping your team to succeed, then please get in touch with the HR Projects Team on 01274 864 999.

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