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Employment Law Training can help Managers Thrive!

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Employment Law Training can help Managers Thrive

The Line Manager plays a crucial role in any SME business. As well as excelling in their chosen field and performing to a high standard ‘on the tools’, line managers will typically be responsible for keeping a team of workers in check. Line managers will also be the first port of call for ‘all that HR stuff’ such as: sickness absence, gripes, grumbles, colleague fall-outs and disciplinary issues. Good line managers ultimately contribute to a businesses’ bottom line and help the senior management team to focus on the core commercial pressures of running a business. Bad line managers however can be a real threat to a business. They can become demotivated in themselves but due to their standing within a business can spread a toxic feeling across a workforce. Untrained line managers can also place a business a risk through acts which perhaps unbeknown to them, technically renders the business in breach of employment laws. Line managers who ultimately, don’t manage or, who lack the tools to manage then can cost a business in very real terms.
In a report published last year, the CIPD found that 60% of surveyed line managers had not received any people management training at all. Even more worryingly, 40% of all persons surveyed said that they had experienced bullying and/or harassment at the hands of a line manager. Managers who know what basic legal principles to follow when dealing with their people management responsibilities are far less likely to place the business at risk of an Employment Tribunal. Further, managers who know what the Employment Tribunal will look out for when assessing conduct in the workplace are more likely to follow due process, reflect on decision-making processes and apply a more objective consistent approach to their own handling of people issues.
Often, a manager has been promoted because of their technical or operational expertise, not because of their ability or experience in managing people. Some are of course happy to supervise and to help develop the skills of those working under them, but others regard decision making relating to under-performance, attendance or behaviours as “HR’s job”. Line managers do not need to become experts in the more technical aspects of employment law they do however need a basic understanding of what they can and can’t do in order to operate.

What is the Solution?

Ultimately, the solution is Management Training. Training which focuses on what it means to be a manager along with the core aspects of day to day HR and line management practice is going to be the best way for businesses to get the most out of their management teams.
Management training does not need to be overly technical but it does need to focus on the practical application of the relevant laws and internal policy documentation.

How can Howarths help?

Howarths’ Advisory team consists of business leaders, employment solicitors, HR professionals, line managers and CIPD qualified individuals. Between us, we have experience in preparing and delivering management training across the full spectrum of employment law and HR issues. Our leading Management course is the ‘Essential Skills for Managers’ course which is accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management and provides delegates with a certificate and entry onto a register of training. This course covers the fundamentals of the manager’s role; the importance of handbooks and contracts; discipline, grievance, performance, ill health management and some basic discrimination hotspots. This course gives a broad but manageable understanding of all the core aspects of employment law and HR practice which line managers face in their day to day. Practical and useful, the course can be delivered face to face or, remotely. It is an absolute must for all line managers.

How can I book on?

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Author: Charlotte Geesin, Legal Director at Howarths

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