An update from Howarths’ MD, Gavin!

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An update from Howarths’ MD, Gavin!

I’m sat here on a rainy Thursday reflecting back over the last month at Howarths HQ. The rain is a bit of a red-herring for how we’re all feeling if I’m honest – as it’s been another great month with lots going on.

First up we’ve been shortlisted for various awards at both the Business Masters and the Family Business Community Awards. It’s always nice to receive third party verification that we’re doing something right, as well as of course having the chance to get the old DJ out! All the shortlisting’s are credit to the amazing team here at Howarths.

Having recently recruited into our HR Growth Team (Hi Sally! 😊), it’s great to see the department thriving. More and more businesses are seeing the importance of a well thought out People Strategy, and our team are on site at businesses all over Yorkshire and beyond helping them excel through what matters most – their team.

Our employment law advisory team have been busy scanning the horizon for the latest developments in the world of employment law. On this month’s blog entries, we’ve got really insightful pieces about the latest in sex discrimination tribunal claims, to new requirements in the field of right to work checks, and practical tips of running a disciplinary hearing. All written by experts who are advising on these subjects every day. You can take a look at our blog entries here.

Earlier this month, we hosted our hugely popular CPG event (Culture. People. Growth.). Our speakers, Jay Mackay of HB Clark, and Tony Ryan of the Design and Technology Association, were both fantastic – sharing their business journeys, warts and all. 25 high level people in the room, all learning, connecting and getting inspiration to take back to their businesses. Our November event is on Wednesday 9th November. Speak to Justine to reserve your place today.

Finally in respect of The Howarth Foundation, our family charity of which up to 10% of the profits of Howarths goes to, it has been firing on all cylinders. You might have seen the video we produced with Leeds United Football Club – who have now helped 4 of our previously homeless clients get back into employment. Marching on Together.

That’s everything for now. Further dark mornings and evenings to come as we roll into November (literally, and figuratively in respect of our economy!) – us businesses will do what we know best – keep going. Wishing you all success.

Gavin Howarth, Managing Director

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