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MD Update – February 2023

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MD Update – February 2023

Last week we hosted another one of our very popular CPG events at Howarths HQ – another 45 business leaders in the room hearing from top speakers, whilst building relationships with high level attendees in an encouraging, positive, and focused environment.

Our first speaker, Jon Scollen, who has had a long and varied international FTSE 250 corporate career, spoke about the importance of ‘risk management’. Now this is a subject which might not immediately excite, but the importance of it cannot be understated. In a post-COVID world, it would seem folly of Directors not to at least discuss the potential risks. All of our businesses face threats, ranging from small to potentially catastrophic – can we confidently say we are prepared? Something to ponder.

Continuing the theme of risk management, our Health & Safety team have put together a very interesting piece on ‘the cost of failure’. Within the piece, and in reference to managing safety, there is discussion around the ‘PDCA’ method which stands for ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’. Again, the importance of effective management of health and safety cannot be overstated.

This month our HR Growth Team are looking at the ever-increasing importance of wellbeing, and in particular looking at the relationship between HR and wellbeing. I’d encourage all those with responsibility for HR to read or bookmark this article.

Finally, and on a slightly lighter note, Spring is on its way – the day’s are getting longer and the temperature slightly warmer. Linking back to the subject of wellbeing – I, for one, can’t wait to get outside more and feel the benefits of nature and the fresh air. Without even small pockets of rest and rejuvenation, building our businesses over the long term wont be possible.

Have a great month.

Gavin Howarth, Managing Director.

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