Developing a Positive Safety Culture

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Workplace culture refers to the way things are done at your workplace, a collection of shared beliefs and values about keeping everyone safe as they go about their daily work duties. Developing a positive health and safety culture within your organisation will not only protect your workers from injury and illness but will also result in a happier workforce where your employees feel safe, secure and valued at work. This in turn will lead to further benefits such as increased productivity, lower staff turnover and decreased absenteeism. 

You can put in place systems and controls, training, and documentation, but without a positive health and safety culture you will not get the best results. Everyone needs to be on board.

The following simple tips can be used to improve and strengthen the health and safety culture within your business;

  • Lead by example – If you ignore your own health and safety rules how can you expect your employees to respect them.
  • Be approachable – Your employees should feel that they can approach you with health and safety concerns. Make time to listen to them.
  • See things through –All concerns should be investigated and taken seriously, explain to your employees your findings and decisions made. You must also keep your promises made, employees know the difference between genuine commitments and lip service.
  • Communicate – Plan regular discussions regarding health and safety, discuss health and safety with employees at workplace walkabouts, include health and safety at meetings at all levels.

Finally Keep Growing – a positive health and safety culture, takes time to grow and can take a step back if you let bad habits return. Make sure to investigate any accidents or problems, fix issues and learn from mistakes.  

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