Employment Law Changes 2024 – A Recap!

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Phew! 2024 has been a time of change in Employment Law. Over the last few months, we have been updating our clients on the many changes in Employment Law. We thought it would be useful to recap them all in one place. With legal changes, policies have also been updated. These updated policies are crucial to ensure the law is implemented correctly.

Employment Law Changes in 2024

1st January 2024 – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). A new DEI policy is available.

8th March 2024 – Paternity Leave Amendments Regulations. A new Paternity Leave policy is available.

1st April 2024 – National Minimal Wage Increases.

1st April 2024 – Employment Rights (Amendment, Revocation, and Transitional Provision) Regulations 2023 – changes to holidays for irregular hours and part-year workers (which will include zero-hour, term time only and annualised hours workers). A new zero-hour casual worker policy is available.

6th April 2024—Employment Relations Flexible Working Act 2023—Flexible working becomes a day 1 right. A new Flexible Working policy is available.

6th April 2024 – The Protection from Redundancy (Pregnancy and Family Leave) Act 2023.

6th April 2024—Carers Leave Act 2023 – a new statutory Leave entitlement. A New Carers Leave policy is available.

As a Howarths Employment Law client, not only do you have access to the new policies on your client portal, but you are also a telephone away from a legal expert who can guide you through how these changes apply to you and your business. No call centers, a named individual who can help your business comply and thrive. If you need Employment Law advice or to hear more about our services please contact your advisor on 01274 864 999.

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